About Us

Mercado El Catrin

El Mercado de recuardos Latinos


The inspiration:

The inspiration behind Mercado El Catrin was to offer merchandise that helps bring back those fun nostalgic memories we all have growing up, whether we grew up with our parents or grandparents we all have some fond memories of visiting tienditas, and panaderias. Our tienditas vision has evolved into so much more that we never thought it would be what it is today. Of course we’ve had to make some changes in the direction we first started but the core value of our business has remained the same, and that is to make every customer smile and so far our merchandise does a very good job of that.

Our merchandise is specially and expertly curated and we only carry what we feel goes with our theme. We don’t offer merchandise based on margins or just to sell and fill in space. Most of the items we offer are handmade by us or we have a significant role in the completion of the final product. We do carry a few brands we resell because they go with our theme and we support them and their vision to spread culture in our community in their own unique way.

When creating merchandise for Mercado we look at three things, tradition, significance ,and value. So we ask ourselves, “Is it traditional?, what’s the significance? and can we make it at a price point everyone can afford to purchase?” so we create the items with today’s youth in mind while still maintaining the integrity of our culture.



Mercado El Catrin founded in November 2016 in the city of La Mirada as a side business to an existing customization shop. After being in that industry for 11 years it was decided to start shifting business and the focus to Mercado after noticing a rise for demand of latino inspired products. We worked with quite a few artist who attended “Art Walks” printing their stickers, t-shirts and various other custom products when he was asked by one of them to attend an art walk with some of the new merchandise, that event was the Riverside Arts Walk. Fast forward a few months and the pop up scene has grown with the help of Molcajete Dominguero, a weekly/Monthly event showcasing Latinx pop up vendors. Today Mercado El Catrin has evolved into a unique cultural boutique with items that pay tribute to our latin culture in various ways, from keychains to stickers, hats to beanies, lanyards, pins, drink ware and even t-shirts we offer a little bit of everything under the sun in a fun unique way.